The Life and Times of
Ms. Greta Elizabeth Ferrin

This is a record of the life of the indomitable Greta Ferrin (born November 5, 2016) of Portland, OR. Each year she (or her parents) filled out the form below. The result is a timeline that's part journal, part time capsule, and part photo album, begun at the beginning, by her uncle Bup.

turned 12017

Little Sis Arrives

year one highlights
  • achievementwalking, recognizing sister
  • favoritejumping on sofa
  • thankful fordouble stroller, purple hippo, Pout Pout Fish
  • adventureflying on an airplane
  • working on itpatience


turned 22018


year two highlights
  • achievementtalking, dressing myself
  • favoriteMickey Mouse Clubhouse, Moo/Cat/Dog
  • thankful fornew house!
  • adventureriding on the back of daddy’s bike
  • working on itcaution when jumping on beds or off chairs and stools

“Just give me one puff for my baaaaby, and one more for the road.”

Umcle Bup
turned 32019

Venturing Out

year three highlights
  • achievementno more pacifier! went skiing!
  • favoriteswimming
  • thankful forbig sister Jules, would be lost without her
  • adventureHilton Head and Florida
  • working on itstaying off the naughty list at school

The year Greta discovered the ocean.

turned 42020

Growth Spurt

year four highlights
  • achievementriding a bike with no training wheels
  • favoriteplaying with my new neighbor, Tenley
  • thankful forall the time I spent with papa
  • adventureforest teepee and elevator in the park
  • working on itsleeping through the night

“Boys can wear anything they want and girls can wear anything they want.”