The Life and Times of
Ms. Greta Elizabeth Ferrin

This is a record of the life of the indomitable Greta Ferrin (born November 5, 2016) of Portland, OR. Each year she (or her parents) filled out the form below. The result is a timeline that's part journal, part time capsule, and part photo album, begun at the beginning, by her uncle Bup.

turned 12017

Little Sis Arrives

year one highlights
  • achievementwalking, recognizing sister
  • favoritejumping on sofa
  • thankful fordouble stroller, purple hippo, Pout Pout Fish
  • adventureflying on an airplane
  • working on itpatience


turned 22018


year two highlights
  • achievementtalking, dressing myself
  • favoriteMickey Mouse Clubhouse, Moo/Cat/Dog
  • thankful fornew house!
  • adventureriding on the back of daddy’s bike
  • working on itcaution when jumping on beds or off chairs and stools

“Just give me one puff for my baaaaby, and one more for the road.”

Umcle Bup